Choosing the right pair of frames for your prescription glasses can be hard enough. Then you are presented with an array of lens coatings to choose from too! Make sure you choose the right lens coatings with our handy guide, and learn more about the advantages of each kind.

Anti Scratch

Many lenses are made of lightweight materials like plastic or polycarbonate that can have a relatively soft surface. If you’ve ever scratched your lenses, you will know how irritating it can be! You can get a hard scratch-resistant coating on the surface of your lenses to help prolong the life-span of your eyewear.

But be warned that a regular scratch-resistant coating cannot prevent all lens damage, but it is a good preventative measure for minor wear.

Anti Reflective

On an uncoated lens there will be significant reflection as the light is reflected from the surface of the lens as opposed to passing through it. This is especially true when you have overhead fluorescent lighting common in an office. Or at night time when you’re driving and have to contend with other cars’ headlights.

These reflections cause glare on the surface of the lens which is not only uncomfortable but may also interfere with your vision.

Anti Reflective coatings allow more light through the lens improving your clarity of vision, making objects easier to see, and helping to reduce eye strain and eye fatigue. It also decreases halos around light, and creates a nicer cosmetic appearance so that your lenses are less visible.

Blue Light Filters

You can also get anti-reflection lenses that reduce the amount of blue light entering the eye. Blue light is emitted by digital devices such as computers, tablets and mobile phones. These filters can reduce strain and fatigue when using electronic devices.

UV Protection

Most of us know that cumulative exposure to UV radiation is bad for our eyes and is associated with age-related eye disorders such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

Sunglasses and lenses containing the appropriate UV filters will protect your eyes from UV without the need of additional coatings.

Photochromic Treatment

Photochromic lenses (a.k.a. Transitions) darken automatically in response to sunlight and return to clear when indoors. They are ideal for those who frequently move from inside to outside, and would like to avoid the cost of a second pair of prescription sunglasses, or for those who are particularly sensitive to light.

We currently have a “love it or leave it” campaign where you can order a pair, and if for any reason you don’t like them we’ll give you a free clear lens replacement.


Hydrophobic (water repelling) coatings facilitate the run-off of water droplets from the lens surface. This is so even being around water or out in the rain won’t cause much visual distortion and they will not fog up as easily. It can be particularly useful if you work in a humid environment such as a kitchen.

This coating also repels grease and fingerprints so it’s easier and quicker to clean your lenses. Especially perfect if you have little children or grand-children who are fond of touching your glasses!

Essilor Crizal Saphhire UV

We are pleased to offer Esslior’s Crizal Sapphire UV – a new anti-reflective coating. It interacts with light by taking into account the visible and ultra violet wavelengths. Crizal Sapphire UV reduces reflections and ghost images increasing transmission of visual information, which ensures wearers are protected from light intensity. And for the first time, multi-angular light directions are now accounted for, meaning wearers will have the clearest vision possible.

It also offers water, dust and smudge repellency, and a scratch resistant booster, a nano millimetre layer located behind the AR layer. The scratch resistant booster layer is designed to gradually increases in hardness.

And we can offer a 2 year scratch free guarantee! Lenses with scratches caused by general wear and tear will be replaced free of charge.

Essilor Road Pilot

Essilor’s Road Pilot reduces glare and improves contrast. Reflections from the surfaces of lenses can sometimes cause multiple images of lights at night. Essilor’s Road Pilot lenses with Crizal Drive anti-reflective coating will reduce reflections at night time by up to 90%. Our patients have reported clearer night vision with less strain on their eyes.

This coating is available with 2 options – single vision distance or distance with an intermediate area for clear dashboard / sat nav.

We’d be happy to answer any of your questions about lens coatings in more detail. Contact Us.